What Happens When Veneers Wear Out: A Guide for Long-Lasting Results

Veneers are a long-lasting but not permanent cosmetic procedure, and it's important to be aware of the signs of wear and tear that may occur over time. Composite or porcelain veneers can be durable, but they can begin to wear out and may even crack. If dental veneers are placed by qualified cosmetic dentists, such as those at The Dental Boutique, they can last 10 to 30 years with proper care. However, if you have cavities in your tooth, it can damage the tooth and cause the veneers to fall out.

Tooth decay can cause the chemical bond that holds the veneer in place to loosen, which can cause the dental veneer to fall out. It's essential to take excellent care of your oral health after wearing porcelain veneers to prevent tooth decay. Acid attack from food, beverages, and oral bacteria can remove natural tooth enamel and dentin, making teeth more vulnerable to wear and tear. Porcelain veneers are resistant to acid attack and do not soften, so they do not wear out.

If you have bruises, oral splints can help protect your veneers, but it's best to eliminate any unbalanced forces that could damage your veneers when you chew on food or chew. If you neglect your dental care routine, your gums could start to retract and create a space between your teeth and the veneers. If you notice that your veneers feel loose, you may need to touch up the dental cement in most cases. This is a sign that veneers need to be replaced quite urgently, since if you have gum disease, your veneers or natural teeth could come loose and potentially fall out.

If you're not careful with veneers and chew on hard objects or use your teeth to cut duct tape, break things, or open packages, your veneers will be damaged and will chip or crack very soon. It's important to be aware of the signs of wear and tear that may occur over time with dental veneers. Watch for stains, chips, discomfort when wearing veneers, loose or detached veneers, or exposed areas between teeth and gums due to an underlying gum problem. If you take good care of them, one day they will look and feel old and not so good.

When that time comes, it's important to see a dentist for replacement.

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