When is it Time to Replace Your Porcelain Veneers?

Do you have porcelain veneers? If so, you may be wondering when it's time to replace them. Veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile, but they don't last forever. Knowing the signs that it's time to replace your veneers can help you keep your smile looking its best. The most common signs that you need to replace your porcelain veneers are cavities or damage to the underlying tooth structure, lifting of the veneer from the tooth surface, stains or discoloration of the veneer, and gum recession that exposes the underlying root structure.

Chewing and biting can cause the edges of the veneers to wear out, chip, or crack, which are all signs that you need to replace them. If you run your tongue over the veneers and they feel rough, it's time to call your cosmetic dentist. Veneer replacement generally occurs 15 to 20 years after they are placed. The average lifespan of properly applied porcelain veneers ranges from 10 to 30 years, depending on the dentist and materials used.

It's not uncommon for patients to experience veneer fractures, even if they are taking excellent care of their teeth. Replacing veneers is similar to the initial installation of porcelain veneers. Your dentist will file and refine the bonding agent, re-take a mold of your teeth, create the new veneers and reattach them to your teeth. You should visit your cosmetic dentist every 6 months for your dental cleanings, especially after placing your Charlotte veneers.

If you have any questions about replacing dental veneers, check with your dentist during your appointments to see what solution is best for you and when your dental veneers will need to be replaced. When you have veneers placed, you should always know that you will inevitably have to replace them. Therefore, when they wear out or come loose, you will be forced to replace them to avoid other secondary problems. The good news is that dental veneers can be removed and replaced. If there isn't extreme damage to your tooth, placing another veneer will only take two visits to finish.

If these 8 signs that you need new veneers helped you realize that you need new porcelain veneers, our cosmetic dentists at Irvine at Rice Dentistry are here to help. We will evaluate your current veneers and create custom veneers to replace them with. Contact our dental office at (94) 551-5902 to book an appointment today. Using a wax print, you will receive a temporary veneer for you to use while the porcelain veneer is being created. In either case, you will need to replace your veneers if you want to hide this space between the veneers and the gums. If your dental veneers have any signs of damage, that's a strong indicator that you need to replace them.

If the porcelain veneer is loose, this could be a sign that the cement wasn't placed well enough or that the veneer didn't fit properly. Initially, placing porcelain veneers and eventually replacing them is a serious but common cosmetic procedure. The dental veneer procedure can sometimes be completed in a couple of visits over a period of six weeks. Once the dental veneers have been created, they are bonded in place using a self-adhesive photopolymerizing compound. In addition to completely breaking down, gum retraction and natural tooth wear and tear can make veneers appear to shrink, exposing the natural color of the teeth underneath the veneers. Therefore, when you decide to receive dental veneers from a nearby dentist, you should be prepared for the possibility that they may need to be replaced. Sometimes, veneers may fall out completely due to insufficient bonding during the initial placement of the veneers. When teeth with veneers decay, they can cause the veneers to loosen and begin to peel off on their own.

Once the porcelain veneers are finished, your dentist will attach the porcelain veneer to your tooth for a beautiful new smile. By taking preventive measures to maintain your veneers and working with an exceptional dental provider, you can proudly wear your veneers for years to come. Remember that getting dental veneers is a permanent decision, so you should think carefully before taking the plunge. By following preventive measures suggested by renowned dental centers near Mississauga ON., you can maintain your veneers and wear them proudly for years to come.

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