Is it Normal for Veneers to Fall Off?

It's not usual for dental veneers to come off. They should not come off at all, and certainly not every two or three weeks. While dental veneers are attached to the teeth, they can fall out in certain situations. If the dentist does not apply them correctly, the veneers can be put on directly.

Physical contact with the teeth and the aging process can also cause porcelain veneers to come off. If the porcelain veneers fall out multiple times, it is likely that the dentist is doing something wrong. The term serum half-life indicates how long half the dose of a drug stays in the bloodstream. After 24 hours, half of the dose of Ativan is still in the bloodstream and may take a couple of days to completely disappear.

Most dentists use triazolam, which lasts about three hours after a dental appointment. Veneers are permanently attached to the front of the teeth, but they are not necessarily permanent. They can and should eventually be replaced with new veneers. In rare cases, veneers will come off on their own.

Certain factors can contribute to veneers falling out of the front teeth and needing to be replaced. These include biting on pens, pencils and other hard objects, as well as using your front teeth to open packages. If a veneer falls out, it can be easily cleaned and re-attached to the front teeth. Dentists sometimes recommend that people who have porcelain veneers wear a night protector to prevent the forces of teeth grinding from breaking or dislodging porcelain veneers.

Before placing the veneers, a specialist dentist should review your oral health, hygiene and the condition of your base before prescribing veneers. Everything was fine with my porcelain veneers the first week, but in the middle of the second week, a veneer came off. Veneers have many more surprising advantages both for dental hygiene and for general health; this is because their purpose is to create a stable and healthy oral base and improve patients' smiles.

Amy Leary
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