Can Veneers Be Taken Off and Redone?

Veneers can be removed and replaced, but it is not as simple as taking them off. The placement of new veneers usually requires two visits to the dentist. Composite veneers are easier to remove than ceramic veneers, and they may need to be replaced after five to seven years due to wear and discoloration. Porcelain veneers and crowns can go wrong if the shape and color of the patient's face are not taken into account when manufacturing them, or if the bonding during the initial placement of the veneers is insufficient.

To ensure long-lasting results, it is important to work with an experienced dental provider who uses the highest quality materials available. The process of replacing veneers is similar to the placement of new ones. First, a wax print is taken to create a temporary veneer for the patient to use while the porcelain veneer is being created. Once the porcelain veneer is finished, it is attached to the tooth for a beautiful new smile.

It is usually necessary to replace veneers every 10 to 20 years when they weaken or crack. Taking preventive measures to maintain your veneers and working with an exceptional dental provider can help you wear your veneers with pride for years to come.

Amy Leary
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